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Sequoia Parent Teacher Organization (SPTO)

The Sequoia Parent Teacher Organization (SPTO) supports high quality, equitable education at Sequoia Elementary in Oakland, CA. Placing our children at the center of what we do, SPTO strives to promote an inclusive learning community where all students receive the specific support they need to explore the world, build strong relationships, find their confidence, and reach their potential. SPTO also strives to reflect and uphold the diversity of our school community, informed by a collective commitment to anti-racism and a rejection of prejudice and intolerance of any guise. Creating a safe space for all students and raising anti-racist children who are aware and loving towards all is a critical part of our mission, and an integral component of the emphasis on equity, inclusion, and acceptance our children receive at Sequoia. We convene and organize parents, caregivers, faculty, staff and leadership to build unity, promote equity, foster volunteerism, and raise funds to make Sequoia a fair, fun, healthy, nurturing, and safe school for all students.

SPTO also maintains the Sequoia Community Google Group, a listserv for Sequoia caregivers and affiliated community members to communicate critical information to each other. Please remember to uphold the Sequoia core values when posting to this group: Responsibility, Respect, Honesty, and Compassion. 

Not a part of the Sequoia Community Google Group, or not sure you are? Fill out this Form to be added to the group!


Co-Chairs • Nicole Sattler (Evelyn, 2nd); Joanne Tateishi (Kai, 2nd)

Co-Secretary • Stacey Kaplan (Sage, 1st); Rich Harris (Sam, 1st)

Co-Treasurer • Nick Mckibben (Kira, 1st) Dane Welsch (Kira, 1st)

Co-Fundraising Chairs • Jon Guiliano (Olivia, 1st); Jeanine Stone-Valente (June, 1st)

Volunteer Coordinator • Ben Grimes (Declan, 4th; Etta 2nd) Jamie Olsen (Pax, 2nd; Ayden, TK)

Communications Lead • Alicia Graham (Simon, 1st); Lindsey Vontz (Sawyer, 1st)


SPTO Board Members 2023-24