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About Us


It is the mission of Sequoia Elementary School to provide a powerful education to all students, enabling them to become effective, contributing citizens in our democratic society. Our vision is to ensure that all students have access to our core program within the context of a heterogeneous classroom.

Classes at Sequoia are balanced in terms of gender, ethnicity, and academic achievement. We present a curriculum that addresses different levels of linguistic and cultural orientations, complexity, pace and material to all students, and a variety of enrichment programs. We are committed to fostering a positive school-wide climate, which supports this vision.

Sequoia Equity Value Statement

We acknowledge that significant gaps exist in academic opportunity and achievement and accept that we, as a school community, must play a primary role in closing these gaps.

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3730 Lincoln Avenue
Oakland, CA 94602

Phone: (510) 879-2151
Fax: (510) 627-9151


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Sequoia Values

I am responsible

  • I follow through on things.
  • I make my own choices between right and wrong.
  • I can be trusted with important matters.

I am respectful

  • I care about how other people feel.
  • I believe other people’s thoughts, ideas and feelings are important.
  • I treat people and things kindly and politely.

I am honest

  • I tell the truth.
  • I am the “real me” at all times.
  • I keep my word.

I am compassionate

  • I think about how other people feel by putting myself in their place, especially when they are going through a difficult time.
  • I do something to help.